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Comic books can be useful to learn what is Crypto currency!

« Crypto currency » is a comic book conceived by Kyra Pahlen who both produced it and imagined the treatment, written by Tristan ROULOT and brought to life by Djibril Morissette-PHAN. The originality of this work is to explain the mechanisms of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin through the adventure of Josh Jardens, the hero of the album. Will this original creation receive the Award from High School Students “Read the economy” on December 18th at the Ministry of Economy and Finance?

For Kyra, the challenge was to prove that LingoZING, the app that teaches languages by using gamified comic books, can teach any subject by presenting it in a narrative context. This methodology allows to grasp a subject in an innovative way, accessible to all, even a difficult subject such as crypto-currency. 

This Method is being applied to language learning with the LingoZING app on mobiles, smartphone and tablets. The Challenge is already partly won. “Crypto » (in French Crypto-monnaie) is among the three finalists selected for the High school student Prize « Read the Economy” 2019 in the comic book category. Cryptocurrency is published by Le Lombard.

500 high school students vote: 3 albums are chosen, then a vote takes place to choose the Winner. The award ceremony is being held at the Ministry of Economy and Finance on 18 December 2019 for the « Day of the Book of Economy, » organized in Paris by Bercy and in partnership with the association « Read Society. »

Edition.fr is pleased to accompany Kyra Pahlen and the development of her work in France. Comic Books and multimedia prove that it is possible to learn using innovative approaches. The comic book app, LingoZING! opens an entire audiovisual dimension for learning by combining images, bubbles and sound files: it is a perfect marriage between traditional and digital media, that performs perfectly for those learning.

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